DVLA Remove Paper Tax Disc

DVLA Contact NumberFrom 1 October 2014, the paper tax disc won’t need to be displayed on a car. If you possess a tax disc with any months left to operate after this date please call the DVLA contact phone number, also it can be removed from your vehicle and destroyed. This includes customers having a Northern Ireland address, but they also will still should display their MoT disc.

You can use online to tax or SORN your car or truck using your 16 digit reference number from your car tax renewal reminder (V11 or V85/1) or 11 digit reference number from the log book (V5C)

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What what this means is to you & why the DVLA did it)

To drive or keep a car on the road you might still should get vehicle tax and DVLA will still post you a V11 or V85/1 renewal reminder when your automobile tax is because of expire. This applies to any or all types of vehicles including those who are exempt from payment of vehicle tax or employ a nil rate of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).
Destroyed tax disc
Buying a car

From 1 October, whenever you buy a car or truck, the auto tax won’t be transferred with your vehicle. You will should get new vehicle tax before you can utilize vehicle.

You can tax your vehicle using the New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) part of your vehicle registration certificate (V5C) online or by employing our automated voice service – around the clock, few days a week on 0300 123 4321.

Alternatively, you might wish to check out a Post Office® branch.

DVLA can’t check the automobile insurance details for first time keepers in Northern Ireland online or by telephone. If you’re a Northern Ireland new keeper, you will have to tax in a Post Office® branch that is responsible for vehicle tax.

It is often a legal necessity for all UK drivers to own motor insurance constantly in place before using an automobile on a public road.
Buying a car or truck
Selling an automobile

From 1 October, vehicle tax is just not transferable which means you won’t be capable of include any remaining tax if you sell a car or truck. If you sell a car or truck after 1 October and you’ve notified DVLA, you’ll automatically obtain a refund for just about any full remaining months left on your vehicle tax. The refund are going to be sent to the keepers particularly DVLA records so you ought to make sure these are correct.
Vehicle tax refunds

You will not need to make an independent application for any refund of vehicle tax. DVLA will automatically issue a reimbursement when a notification is received in the person named on DVLA vehicle register that this:

vehicle continues to be sold or transferred
vehicle has become scrapped in an Authorised Treatment Facility
vehicle has become exported
vehicle may be removed from your road and also the person on the auto register has produced a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)
person on the auto register is different the tax class on the auto to an exempt duty tax class

If you got vehicle tax for six-months, you paid one more surcharge. This surcharge will not be refundable.
Parking permits or airport parking spaces

All local authorities happen to be informed that no tax discs is going to be issued after 1 October 2014.
Driving your car or truck abroad

DVLA have informed the European Union that from 1 October 2014, UK registered vehicles which can be travelling within the EU will never display tax discs.
Paying vehicle tax by Direct Debit

From 1 October 2014 (5 October if setting up in a Post Office®), Direct Debit will likely be offered as yet another way to purchase vehicle tax. This is going to be available for customers who must tax their vehicle from 1 November 2014:

6 monthly
monthly (1 year tax paid for using a monthly basis)

Tax are going to be automatically renewed along with the Direct Debit payments continues to be taken providing an MOT is set up at the point of tax renewal. Payments continue automatically unless you tell DVLA to avoid taking them or maybe you cancel the Direct Debit along with your bank. Valid insurance should also be set up for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland.

The Direct Debit will likely be cancelled and payments automatically stopped once you tell DVLA that you just no longer have the car, or the automobile has been taken off the highway and a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) may be made. The Direct Debit is likewise cancelled if an automobile is scrapped by an ATF, exported or if the tax class of the auto is changed with an exempt duty tax class.
When the Direct Debit scheme can’t be used

Paying by Direct Debit won’t be open to:

first registration vehicles
fleet vehicles licensed large quantities schemes – Direct Debit might be set up on fleet vehicles individually
HGVs that spend the money for Road User Levy (all the HGVs pays by Direct Debit)
customers with accounts which need dual signatories – when establishing a Direct Debit, you’ll be asked to confirm which you’re really the only person needed to authorise Direct Debits from that account (a Direct Debit is usually set up on the joint account where one signature is forced to transact)

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